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3 Piece set, 100% Cotton


There are few things more annoying than tea towels that don't dry. They spread moisture around your glasses, creating streaks and leaving lint in their path. If only all tea towels were as absorbent as the Madrid Tea Towels. This high-quality kitchen accessories will keep you dry while bringing some style into your home.


Tea towels made from cotton blends or polyester simply don't cut it in the kitchen. Our Madrid tea towels give you the practical benefits of pure cotton. Cotton releases dirt and stain better than most other fabrics. It can be washed with minimal detergents and thrown into the machine without a fuss. This cotton product is long lasting and free of dangerous toxins – perfect for use in the kitchen.


Madrid Tea Towels come in a stylish design that calls up the Mediterranean. They come in packs of three, each little towel having its unique check or stripe pattern. The contrasting patterns in a single colour creates the right balance of interest and unity. They'll transport your kitchen somewhere along the shores or Spain while you cook up your favourite European dishes.

Tea Towels - Madrid Stripe & Check

$19.99 Regular Price
$11.99Sale Price
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